When love finds a way
Blog number ONE РWritten on September 26th, at 8:41 pm on the desk of my office in the quiet of the night. It is what comes to mind as I think of what I am doing right now with transforming my life. I had this ability in me all the time and yet I did not act on it. Suddenly, as if by some supernatural cataclysm, love found its way to me and kicked my ass into being the architect of my own destiny. Love called on me to rise up, get up and get going on my own life. Stop living on the sidelines of hope and get in the game of you got this! So getting this is what I am now doing and my first contribution to this effort is a short poem entitled When Love Finds A Way. Regardless of how one gets to the end result know that love has never left you. It is always there waiting on you to grab it by the heart and devour it with gusto. Get your fill of it and then go and give your unfair share of love for it seeks always to be replenished. The more you give the greater you get. So when will you begin your path to allowing love to really find its way to you?

When Love Finds A Way

When Love finds a way, space and time disintegrate,
The furloughed dreams and hopes become right now dreams and choices.

Can I,  swiftly turns into I can, I must, I am.
Every negative thought you have is arrested as your body tells Negativity to shut the hell up!

When Love Finds A Way,
No sea or land mass can separate,
your desire to be at one with your inner selves,
in enhancement of your already beautiful life.

Can air taste as sweet or the sun be as delicious?
as love finds its way into the inner chambers of your heart?

Pulsing and coursing through your veins,
love permeates every cell and cavity of your being.

Gives you purpose when you are exhausted and want to call it quits,
Keeps your mind ever sharper when you feel overwhelmed with tasks and duties.

Yes, those things still come and yet you rise and succeed,
You succeed and supersede – your fears, your doubts your shortcomings fall away.

For love no longer is lost by you, it has not taken the roundabout of life.
It went speeding through the red light and crashed right into your being.

Full blunt force of velvet-rope softness,
Could such trauma be so magnificent as this head on collision?

Don’t pump the breaks, Accelerate!
Proliferate and be bold.

For love is no longer finding its way.
It has arrived so shine bright.

Love is here, and you are as you say you are, in your best I AM.
Be brave, and give it everything you have.

Love has found its way!