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Are you looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate in the greater London area or in East Sussex? Feel welcome to share insights with me and I will be responding to you within the next business day.


Why I choose to practice real estate in the UK, a 35-year dream becomes a reality

Living and working the United Kingdom started as a pipe dream almost 35 years ago as an aspiring classical ballet student in San Diego California. My ballet instructors were retired dancers from the Royal Ballet of England and the National Ballet of Canada. Both of these institutions are steeped in the culture of English Classical Ballet style and I found it intriguing to be an American born, English trained classical ballet dancer. My training landed me careers with companies in Indianapolis, Indiana, Austin Texas and provided me with additional opportunities to perform as a guest artist with ballet and opera companies or from the US, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. 


After I retired from classical ballet I came back to England as a tourist and Anglophile and each subsequent visit deepened my desire to someday, somehow live and work form London. The 2019 COVID-19 situation was the catalyst I needed to spur me from a place of daydreaming into action. I hired an excellent immigration attorney and created a plan for me to apply for and obtain a three-year visa to live and work from the United Kingdom. This lifelong dream came to fruition in March of 2020, and I relocated to England in April of the same year.


I have been establishing the social, professional, and spiritual networks necessary to build a foundation for what I trust will be a long and fruitful real estate career based in London and East Sussex, England. 


It would be my pleasure to assist you with your real estate goals, desires, questions or curiosities. My business is focused on assisting expatriates, especially those coming to London from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Asia with realizing their real estate dreams and goals here. I would love to learn more about your English love story and understand more about why you desire to own, sell, or invest in real estate in London or East Sussex. Sometimes all it takes is a personal champion that is committed to your goals and aspirations and that is capable of understanding, assisting, and executing the myriad of processes required to make your dreams a reality.