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Your place for idea incubation, cultivation and proliferation

Style Lab Alaska

Style Lab Alaska embodies the spirit of how I have lived in and choose to serve others in this world.

This is your place to convene, engage in conversations about your needs, wants, desires and intentions.

We are here to assist you with accomplishing your goals in real estate and design while providing support in a host of additional areas through our network of preferred affiliates.


Why Choose an American Real Estate Agent practising in the United Kingdom?

Let’s face the challenge of the UK “estate agent” squarely. Estate agents in the UK, and particularly in London, tend to be poorly regarded. I have heard phrases such as “straight out of school”, “shyte”, “unscrupulous”, “lazy”, and “disappear as soon as an agreement is made”, when I asked friends and trusted colleagues about our profession. Although I came to the UK for three months in 2021 to engage in market research on the real estate in London, I was naïve about public attitudes concerning estate agents and the way that real estate is practiced in England.

Real estate professionals in the US have a very high bar of ethical, financial, and customer care when engaging in the purchase or sale of property with their clients. Competence is demonstrated through dozens of hours of study and successful examination process as a MINIMUM to hold a real estate license. Additional post licensing education as well as education on ethics, contract execution and management and conflict resolution are all essential components for practicing the art of real estate.

In short, the CULTURE that I come to England with is a culture of listening, questioning, truth telling, ethical and fair business dealings, patience, persistence, follow through, and putting client goals ahead of personal desires throughout the duration of our working relationship.

Whether your goal is to acquire, sell, or invest in residential or commercial real estate, consider what Style Lab Alaska has to offer and then choose what works best for your situation. if it is our company, then it will be my pleasure to assist you with your property/properties.


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Our Mission

Style Lab Alaska’s and my personal mission are: “To create meaningful connections and leave a legacy of love”.

Leaving a legacy of love might sound like an unusual statement for a business. However, when you complete a real estate, design, or affiliate partner experience through Style Lab Alaska Limited and you loved how you were treated, even when things were challenging, then that is the greatest hope that I could aspire to fulfil in service to your goals.

Our Visions

Acknowledge and move on opportunities to create joyous outcomes for those I partner with.

We believe that opportunity can be cultivated, through meaningful connections. Our past clients and business partners desire to assist us in our business development because we have demonstrated care, value, and competence in working with them. Once we establish a framework for working together, we then move onward to the task of assisting you with your real estate goals. When you place your trust in us to do what is asked, we honor the responsibility associated with accomplishing your real estate goals via the parameters that we mutually agree upon. This is our ongoing commitment in cultivating a meaningful working relationship with you.

Our Values

Loyalty – We believe when we do our job well we don’t create a transactional relationship, we create clients for life.

Continual self-improvement – we are always seeking the expertise of those smarter and better than us so we can constantly improve our service to you.

Peace – We value calm, rational, and measured emotional intelligence in creating solutions to problems that help everyone involved get to the completion of a sale, purchase, or real estate investment.

Inner-Humility – We celebrate our successes and learn from our failures from a place of gratitude based on serving our clients’ best interests.

Limitless creative energy – We believe that we must always strive to instill creativity in solving the issues and problems that can occur in a real estate transaction. We come to you with solutions oriented approaches to solving problems so you can have peace of mind throughout the transaction process.

Dominion over self – We take ownership for our actions and the actions of those we recommend or refer to you for assistance and we commit to engaging with you from a place of integrity, honesty, and truth.

Complete health – We are committed to being physically, mentally and emotionally centered so that we can be at our best for you.

Affiliated Partners


Our offices are based from the National Liberal Club near the Embankment Underground Station
1 Whitehall Pl, London SW1A 2HE
+44 (0)7462 239 026

Style Lab Alaska also operates in East Sussex and our East Sussex address is:
Hove Town Hall, Church Rd,
Hove BN3 2AF


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