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Our Services

Buyer Consultation/Representation

Meet with you to identify your needs and desires in your next home.
Coordinate obtaining letter in principle with your mortgage broker (if applicable)
Identify and arrange viewings of subject properties
Negotiate on terms and coordinate with your mortgage broker (if applicable), solicitor, surveyor, and all other parties until contract exchange.
Fee for services is 1.5% of agreed contract price at time of contract exchange.


Meet with you to discuss sales intentions based on market performance.
Execute agreement to market property to potential buyers and other real estate professionals.
Negotiate acceptable terms for you and buyer.
Coordinate the various tasks, processes necessary through contract exchange
Fee for services is 1.5% of agreed sales price at time of contract exchange.

Lettings Coordination for Renters

From time to time it is helpful to coordinate with you a property to rent. We will arrange the viewings, negotiate the lease agreement and coordinate moving in and utilities being placed in your name.
Fee for services is equivalent to one month of your rent or £1000.00, whichever is greater.

Lettings Coordination for Landlords

If you desire to become a landlord, congratulations! You are taking the first step towards passive income security. While we don’t handle lettings directly, we are pleased to make a referral of your enquiry to DeMachin Ltd., our most trusted partner when it comes to ensuring your property and your sanity are kept intact throughout the entire process. We will be happy to arrange a consultation with DeMachin Ltd., as your one-stop for all property management and letting services. Our Style Lab Alaska Limited does receive a £250.00 referral fee from DeMachin Ltd., and you receive peace of mind in knowing that Style Lab Alaska has referred you to a firm that operates with honesty and integrity.

Specific Assistance

Sometimes, you may need advice on a purchase or real estate transaction, such as when you have negotiated on your own to purchase a property from a friend or family member. We are happy to provide advisement to ensure that the property purchase or sale is as smooth as possible.
Fee for services ranges from £500.00 – £2,500.00 depending on the depth and breadth of services requested and delivered.


If you find yourself in need of an excellent mortgage broker, then we are pleased to refer you to Edenwood Wealth Management. Unlike a bank, that only offers their own in-house products for your consideration, a mortgage broker has access to dozens of financial institutions. Your broker can choose the best terms for your mortgage and work with you through the funding process until your contract and mortgage are completed. Style Lab Alaska Limited does not receive a referral fee from Edenwood Wealth Management and you receive excellent service for your property mortgage.


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