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Style Lab Alaska is the brand for Michael Anthony King an embodies the spirit of how I have lived in this world for the last five decades. Conceived as a place to convene, to exchange conversation and to extend the dialogue of consciousness, this is the place where I invite you to come, get acquainted with and partake of the tools that serve you in your life and your mission on this earth.

So, whether you are looking for a great local restaurant, a yoga class, or consultation services for the remodel of your home, you have come to the right place.


Style Lab Alaska – your place for idea incubation, cultivation and proliferation.

Hard Air

Hard Air

The most important thing about taking a leap and making contact with the ground is what happens in between.

Death is a leap, and regaining consciousness is the ground.

Anyone who has had this experience with rememberance can explain in vivid detail what he or she has experienced in that space of time.

(Essay from author Michael King’s book, Mind Captures)


– MS

Location for the Soul

Lotion for the Soul

A salve to the soul.
What does that look like?
A balm to my hurts.

A welling up in the chest.
What does that look like?
A quick moment to reframe.

A wind to uplift the blind
What gentle breeze can do that?
A delicious aroma to breathe in.


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